For clients of Wagging Tails who would like to have their pup's learned behaviors reinforced, or would like knew behaviors taught, or specific problem behaviors addressed and mitigated or solved, we offer our Daycare-Academy Program.


Some examples of behaviors that may be addressed during the Daycare-Academy Program are as follows;


Walking politely on leash

Jumping on People

Door/Guest etiquette

Off-Leash refresher

Basic Obedience Cues








           Or add distraction, distance or duration work to any known cue

This is a great way to have your pup's good behaviors reinforced or to have a professional trainer work to extinguish unwanted behaviors.

Daycare-Academy tuition is $45 added to your daycare fee and secures a minimum of one full hour of training.

Call Greg at 401-332-8669 to discuss your specific needs and/or you can simply add the Daycare-Academy service to your daycare booking at time of drop off.

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