Here at The Academy we offer several training options that address aberrant behavioral issues:


In-Your-Home Training Sessions,

The 6-Day Total Immersion Intensive Program,

The 6-Day Behavioral Management Training Camp


The Multi-Week Behavior Modification Training Camps


These high trainer-contact advanced dog training programs provide the foundational structure requisite to reliable obedience and are recommended for the control and/or mitigation of aggression & reactivity, stubborn or defiant dogs, and dogs displaying a range of inappropriate and intractable behaviors such as jumping, lunging, digging, counter surfing and a host of behaviors arising from misunderstood hierarchical issues, emotional instability, lack of impulse control and the like.

All of our customized behavior programs employ the gentle softouch K-9 Training™ approach, and the behavior modification programs additionally feature the cutting-edge-science based game centered protocols of E-Motion Therapy™ utilized exclusively in New England by Canine Behaviorist and Trainer Greg Riley. Throughout the chosen course, Greg will work with your dog towards a guaranteed reliable recall, an excellent on leash dog, polite threshold behaviors, customized command protocols and to provide you with the tools requisite to manage your dog’s behavioral problem(s).


In-Your-Home Behavior Modification Program

This program begins with an initial in-home consultation during which I will evaluate your dog and your unique home situation, discuss and put safety protocols in place, determine and set realistic goals, create a comprehensive treatment plan, and get you started on initial training protocols. We will then meet at your home/in your neighborhood on a set schedule. Each subsequent session will further develop and fine tune the protocols and methodologies towards greater and greater success and goals fulfillment.


The initial consultation and evaluation for this program is $250 with subsequent sessions being billed at $150 per visit. Most cases can be resolved within three to four visits dependent upon severity and caretaker dedication. 

The 6-Day Total Immersion Intensive Program

Total tuition charges for the 6-Day Total Immersion Intensive Program starts at $1795 + E-Collar and Corrective Collar if required and MA sales tax and includes five straight days of total immersion training for your dog, which includes a full day of training as well as our proprietary cutting-edge-science based E-Motion Therapy™ protocols; innovative game-based emotional and behavioral re-calibration therapies designed to address the underlying psychological and emotional issues that foster aberrant behavior. This is a hight-trainer-contact program wherein our Behaviorist and Trainer spends the entire day, each day, with your dog and it is a highly effective program addressing both behavior as well as the underlying issues that drive it. This program is then followed by one 3-hour training session with you on Day 6, where you are taught the techniques and protocols your dog has learned. This program also includes one follow-up session and lifetime phone coaching consultations. This 6-Day program is offered as a board & train option only.



The 6-Day Behavioral Management Training Camp

Total tuition charges for the 6-Day Behavior Management Training Camp starts at $1295 + E-Collar, Corrective Collar if required and MA sales tax and includes five straight days of training for your dog, followed by one 3-hour training session with you on Day 6, where you are taught the techniques and protocols your dog has learned. This program also includes one follow-up session and lifetime phone coaching consultations. The 6-Day program is offered as a board & train option, or in the day-school format with your pup returning home each night to sleep in familiar environs.



The COMBO Behavior Modification Training Camp

The COMBO training camp begins with our 6-day Total Immersion Intensive Program which addresses underlying emotional issues and establishes desired protocols and behaviors. This board & train segment culminates with a Saturday graduation where you are taught the protocols your dog has learned. The board & train segment is then followed up with no less than three (3) in-home training sessions to help you and your pup master the learned protocols in your home/neighborhood environment. The number of in-home lessons is not capped - we will meet as many times as is required for you to feel comfortable and for all involved to succeed. Tuition is not affected by the need for any additional training sessions.


Total tuition for our COMBO program is $2195 + Equipment and MA sales tax. This is a comprehensive, completely customized program designed for your dog's unique issues as well as your individual expectations and lifestyle. This program also includes free lifetime phone or in-person consultations as required! E-Collar and Corrective Collar, if required, are additional.



During all coaching sessions, Greg will provide the owner with the knowledge and skills required to continue the dog’s training. We will not only focus on the technical side of training but also on the leadership and state of mind aspects. We will teach you how to troubleshoot any challenges that come up in the home and in the future.


Please understand that as these programs are custom designed for your particular dog and the specific problems you are experiencing, and as aggression may be a part of that mix; they are NOT necessarily off-leash programs; Greg will train your dog to recall reliably off-leash, but will advise each client as to the appropriateness of their particular dog being allowed off-leash in public settings.


ALL courses are appropriate for dogs over 8 months of age.





Please note the difference between
the "Day-School" and "Board & Train" formats. Day-school trainings , offered to all students withing a 30 minute ride from Hadley, MA, are conducted  during the day with your pup going home at the end of the day to sleep in familiar environs (best for our timid and fearful friends). Board & Train programs require that your pup stay the duration of the program at our state-of-the-art custom built luxury facility in Hadley MA.

Pick-up and drop-off valet service is also available free throughout most of Western Massachusetts, or for a small fuel & travel fee throughout the Northeast!


Refund Policy

The total Training fee includes a $200 deposit that is 100% refundable up until 5 days prior to scheduled training. The remaining charges are due at the conclusion of training.


Hit the "Contact Me to Schedule" button below or call me direct at 401-332-8669 for a consultation and/or to schedule your pup"s training today!

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