OFF-THE-HOOK! Off-Leash Adventure Club

For clients of Wagging Tails Pet Resort, and Wagging Tails at Heritage Farm with dogs who have been trained to be off leash, we are excited to announce the formation of the OFF-THE-HOOK! Off-Leash Adventure Club; an exclusive off-leash pack hiking opportunity wherein your pup can run freeeee in a pack on the property at Heritage Farm - 30 acres of fields and pasture that offer fun and stimulation as well as ongoing reinforcement of their off-leash skills! They may even run with a horse or two!!

Pack hikes will begin in July of 2020 at a rate of $20 for a minimum 1 hour adventure hiking the trails and pastures of our own 30 acre Easthampton property!


Schedule your pup's adventure any Monday thru Friday when they check-in for boarding or daycare or through our on-line client portal at


This is an exciting opportunity for your pooch to satisfy their primal needs and to have fun doing so in a safe and secure manner!

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